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The question is - When someone asks 'How are you?'
Do you want to say 'My life feels like a HOT MESS!' 

Through 2 customizable programs - 


If you are feeling disconnected from yourself, stuck in a place where you miss feeling joyful, engaged, energetic, and just like a bit of a "Hot Mess" I offer 1:1 coaching where we can identify what is keeping you stuck.  We dedicate 12 sessions to the tools that help you overcome your own personal obstacles. 

I am also thrilled to announce that if your goals feel more directly tied to your physical health surrounding female specific challenges where you might have heard 'it's just part of aging' I can help there too! Through a partnership with Louise Valentine, owner of Breaking Through Wellness, and the 2023 American College of Sports Medicine Practitioner of the Year, I will coach you in a cutting edge, easy to apply, program designed to break down that wall.

What people are saying...

Amy has really helped me get my life back on track after a very
hard year and some personal trials and tribulations. She has made a huge impact on my
life! I would describe Amy as a very warm, compassionate and understanding person. She truly cares about you as her client and really wants you to achieve your goals under her care.

Melanie, 43


Meet Amy

I received my training from the The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and ISSA, but also, the school of life! I could talk about my certifications and all that, but I want you to know me, because if you see any of your story in mine, then I know I'm meant to help you. I'll be honest with you, I'm a stay at home Mom, with 87 side hustles, and one day someone asked 'How are you?' and when I answered I realized no where in my answer did I mention ME. I mentioned my husband, my kids, heck, I might have mentioned a neighbor or 2 for all I know, but I had no me in there. That moment hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized I had begun living in support of others, and forgot to support myself as an individual along the way. And it felt yucky to realize that. I also realized that my go to workouts weren't producing the same results and the ways I used to manage stress didn't seem to be as effective.  It was time to adjust my approach and realign my health!


Certified Health and Wellness Coach 

Certified Personal Trainer

Get off the wagon for good!

No more yo-yo diets, no more one size fits all solutions; meet yourself where you are, then let's help you get where you've always wanted to be. 

This conversation can change your life

Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard, but finding your path can be challenging in a world of fad diets and instant fixes.

Simply sign-up below, and I will be in touch shortly. You will recieve a free, one-on-one, 50-minute health consultation, where we assess your goals and take a brief look at how we can work together so you can reach them.


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